Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Take time...

Take time to snooze in the midst of your business schedule.

I find it overwhelming at times, so much things to do, yet so little time.

Yet in the midst of my busyness business, I reminded myself to enjoy, rejoice and celebrate my life with families and friends, this is becoming increasing important to me as I aged..

Money, you can always earn more but friends and families, simply priceless..

Take time to think~
It is the source of power.
Take time to read~
It is the foundation of wisdom.
Take time to play~
It is the secret of staying young.
Take time to be quiet!
It is the chance to seek God.
Take time to be aware~
It is the chance to help others.
Take time to love and be loved~
It is God's greatest gift.
Take time to laugh~
It is the music of the soul.
Take time to be friendly~
It is the road to happiness.
Take time to dream~
It is what the future is made of.
Take time to pray~
It is the greatest power on earth.

To everything there is a season, 
A time for every purpose under heaven...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Don't judge a book by its cover, really?

Don’t judge a book by its cover? Do you know that we are made to be a visual creature with an average of 538,000,000 cells in our brain (visual cortex), in charge of our visual sight!

How things are packaged on the outside and its cover simply triggers our reaction towards it. Don’t the beautiful wrappers or the large and colorful movie posters attract you?

WPP reported that in the year 2010 alone, United States had spent an estimated amount of $142.5 billion and $467 billion worldwide in the art of advertising and marketing. Companies with professional looking websites and marketing materials convince consumers that they produce professional and quality work

Hundreds and thousands of books are published a day, but only a handful are in the popular books session. Readers are drawn to the books by its cover, who then peek a look at its description. Book designers thus play a huge role in grabbing the potential readers’ attention. Thereby, a children book full of colorful pictures and big fonts, we expect it to be for younger age group. Ever heard of the phase “first impression counts?”

It takes 7 seconds to form the first impression. From the way how people are dressed, whether they shaved, their scent (hopefully no body odor) we perception, expectation towards them are roughly formed.

Over the years, the world had tried to shape us in such a way that we should not judge a man by its cover by the content of his character. Book reviews and book sampling came out so readers can have a taste of the ‘delicious’ content the authors have to offer.

I would like to end with a note, “Both the cover and its content is very important for the success to the sale of a book. We cannot rely on either one solely to succeed. However, cover page is the one that grabs the readers attention first.”

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Smashwords or not?

Smashwords or not?
The Pros of the website are:
·    Free
·    Issue ISBN and tracking
·    Easy to get single author on it
·    All you need is Microsoft words format document, no programming skill is needed
·    Barnes & Noble requires you to have a U.S bank account in order to collect royalties but Smashwords – allows paypal, anytime, anywhere you can be paid.

The Cons for the website are:
·    Limited size of books
·    Tedious formatting involved
·    Automated formatter = dull and boring
·    Limited market outlets.
·    Need to know photoshop or at least to know how to increase your coverpage to 1400px in width.
·    Once you choose to upload EPub format, it cannot auto convert to other formats (all other formats is disabled)
·    No DRM for books in smashwords
·    You must indicate under copyright page “smashwords edition”
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ANTics - by Dakota Douglas


By Dakota Douglas

ANTics take you into a fantasy world of hidden ant colony – InhabitANT. Living among the colony of occupANTs, there lived three ants by the name of BrilliANT, ExuberANT and HesitANT.

Although brilliant, BrilliANT had an narrow escape and almost drowned in a pool of soda. The beaming ExuberANT had to outrun his enemies when he was chase by an army of dark army. The ever timid and hesitating HesitANT had to fight off the evil spider alone. .

Discover the extraordinary friendship of three courageous ants (ExuberANT, BrilliANT and HesitANT), how their friendship managed to help each other escape their mishaps and how they managed to defeat the evil spider, RepugnANT together.
The author, Dakota Douglas had done a great job playing with the words, naming every character that ends with an “ANT”. Learning new words have never been so fun and easy. This book is for children from age 8 to 11 years old. Big words like “ExuberANT“ makes it fun for parents and mentor to read aloud to them, to stimulant the imagination of the little ones.

The story of three little ants, ExuberANT, BrilliANT and HesitANT had taught us what many parents had missed out in this modern world today – importance of friendship, unity, courage and trust. Definitely a five star good read.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Woof - Dakota Douglas


By Dakota Douglas

“Woof” – a magical and fun-filled adventure of a boy, Jeremy and his endearing dog, Rufus. Jeremy was a lonely boy. Both of his parents worked late every day and never had time for him. Only to make thing worse, no children will let him join in their games in school. His only friend was a stray dog that he met in the back alley. One day, the strangest thing happened! Rufus, the dog came along and put his paws on Jeremy’s shoulders, and….

And, and they switched bodies!!! Now, with a boy trapped in a dog body, and a dog trapped in a boy’s body, what kind of “trouble” will they get into? Two stories in one book – how Rufus and Jeremy met each other and the adventures they encountered.

This magical book is suitable for children of all ages. It would make a good bed time story. The author, Dakota Dougla is gifted in writing children stories and pulling you into her imagination. Make sure you buy one for your little ones! It is a story that the kids do not mind reading it over and over again.  I give this story a 5 stars rating.

The plot, the story is just what you will love. Buy it, read it, you would not regret it.

And Yes, I agree with the author, a dog is always a man’s best friend.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Limitless - Bought to you by Nick Vujicic

By Vujicic Nick
 “Limitless” – Vujicic Nick was born without limbs, unlike many of us who are blessed with a healthy mind and body. The book spoke of his courage, his faith journey, his belief and how he overcomes all the odds in life. Truly inspiring and encouraging book that challenged us to put our faith into action, rekindled it, and strengthened it.

Using his life as an example, he clearly demonstrated what how to live a godly life, with passion, joy, fulfilment and so much more… You have to grab this book!!!

This book will indeed cause you to look within and examine many areas of your life. I could easily finish a book in 3-5 hours. It took me 5 days to finish this book, do not be mistaken. It is not because this book is boring but much the opposite – it is interesting, humorous and thought-provoking. This Book is worth your time, money and effort to read it. It takes you on a journey of faith.

“Limitless” made an excellent gift for families and friends, enabling us to live a ridiculously good life, limitless and unstoppable! This book is not a one stop solution to all your problems. Sometimes, changing the way you think could eventually help you to solve a whole lot of problems at times. - Genevieve D

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Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Ways to Get Your Focus Back

Once a blue moon, every one of us might lose focus and forgot why we started something. It feels like stretching your hands to reach the moon.
It is so near yet so far...

Not to fear! Here are 5 ways to get your focus back:

1)      Begin with the end in mind (7 habits of successful people)

2)      "Rule out Mentality": Have you been beating around the bush aimlessly, not knowing what to do? Start by Ruling out what works what doesn't, focus on something that works! 

3)      Focus on your strength

-          If your ability to do something can be ranged from 1 out of 10 (1 symbolizes the least where 10 symbolizes you are a genius); If you work to develop your strength says from the range of 8, you might be able to push it to 9 or even 10 in your lifetime.

-          Whereas if you are developing your weakness can only push it from the range of 2 to 3 or maybe if you are lucky, 4?  

4)      Delegate tasks: you can never do a hundred things a day and be good at everything!

-          Face it! Everyone have a unique talent, some are more some are less.

-          I suck at doing IT, if it is not for my IT team, my brain would have explode many times doing it or my eyes would have already “pop out”.

5)      Communication: “world peace?”

-          Once you have been through step 1 to step 4, it is time to sit down with your team or spouse or “multitude of counsellors” to realign your focus

*I shall end with this saying from the Book of wise men, “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety”

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why EBooks?

Why EBooks?
Over the past few years, sales of EBooks have been roaring up. Why should authors turn to EBooks?
-          Printing cost: Authors could save printing cost
-          More Books: Readers with the same amount of money can buy more books!!!
-          Borderless horizon: Online distributors are borderless, in terms of countries, bookstores, readers
-          Anytime anywhere: Readers regardless to what smartphones they are using, where they are, what applications they are using, they all have an opportunity to read your book.
-          Anyone: As long as readers are IT-savvy enough to have an app, they could download your books
-          Convenience: Multimedia/ social media have allowed your books to be publicised, only to make more convenient if readers want to buy your EBook with a click.  
-          “Weightless” Storage Space: “A 4GB tablet filled with 3,500 e-books weighs a billionth of a billionth of a gram more than if it were empty of data - a difference that is approximately the same weight as a molecule of DNA. The same number of physical books would weigh about two tons. (1)
-          Environmental Friendly: Save trees!
-          Rights of publishing and distribution: Authors retain it all!
-          Sync-able: Kobo, Kindle, Nook just log in anytime anywhere you can access all your books!
-          Buy in chapters: Allow readers to buy in chapters, like it read it. Don’t like it delete it!
-          Below are some other reasons why EBooks are better.
  1. E-books can be made available in different reading formats (different fonts) to make it easier on your eyes. Paperback books are in one font in one format, like it or not.
  2. Ebooks have places authors can advertise other books, websites, email and other contact info.
  3. Better for traveling.
  4. Most e-book readers have bookmarks you can set to return to your place easily.
  5. E-book text is searchable
  6. E-books are downloaded online, not through the mail system. You’re not paying for someone to bring it to you.
  7. E-books are available immediately after you buy, there is no waiting at all. It’s like you were in a store and bought it and get the e-book instantly.
  8. Try before you buy: readers have a chance to preview their books.
  9. Ebooks don’t wear out – they don’t lose pages, the ink doesn’t fade or copy itself to other pages.
  10. Ebooks are rarely stolen!
  11. One digital ebook can be distributed to one million readers and save 300,000,000 paper pages and lots of gasoline and harmful manufacturing.
  12. Ebooks allow the author to control the sales side of the ebook. Everything is fully trackable and gives up to the minute sales information.
  13. Sales are easily tested on ebooks because the author is in control. Resulting in better targeting and savings to consumers.
  14. In the next ten years e-books will outnumber paperback books. If you haven’t switched yet, at least try one soon. Find some digital authors you like. Ebooks are better because they are the future.
  15. Frequent customers of an author’s ebooks can easily be given incentives for purchasing new ebooks. Discounts are easily applied.
  16. Many ebook reading software programs to use with your computer are absolutely free. Fonts are exceptionally easy to read.
  17. Digital e-books are enabling many more people to author a book. The variety of books coming out is mind-boggling. Readers have more options.
  18. Reading a digital e-book on computer, PDA, or other electronic reader can reduce eyestrain over reading traditional books for which ambient light is not adequate enough. You have full control over the brightness of your screen and how far you sit from the screen as you read an e-book. If you want to sit further back, you can increase the font size (zoom).
  19. Reduce strain on your hands when you read e-books versus traditional paperback books. Holding a strongly bound paperback book open as you read for 12 hours puts strain on your hand muscles. Especially if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, this is one area that computers will HELP those with carpal tunnel!
  20. If you fall asleep while reading your computer or reader it will stop at the page you fell asleep at. A paperback book will close and the page lost forever!
  21. E-books are universal. You can buy an ebook online from: Laos, Cambodia, China, El Salvador, Bolivia, Guadalupe, Kauai, Tonga, Switzerland, Iceland, or Kyrgystan and be reading it in minutes.
  22. E-books are truly portable. You can take our e-books to almost any computer in the world running Windows, Linux, or Macintosh and read your e-book.
  23. E-books never smell.
  24. E-books don’t fall apart.
  25. E-books let authors be more creative as we don’t need to conform to a publisher’s idiosyncratic style, we choose our own.
  26. E-books provide authors with more options to add photos, video clips, Google maps, audio tracks, and other content directly into the book
  27. E-books are so much more easily distributed than paper books. Paperbooks waste gasoline, pollute the environment, necessitate paper mills and chemical processing. Ebooks use pluses and minuses sent over wires and through the air.
  28. E-book pages don’t stick together. Ever.
  29. E-books can be read on tablets like iPad – kids will enjoy reading, while ‘playing’ with the tablet computer.
  30. Paying for e-books online at PayPal with your credit card and having all information encrypted is MUCH safer for you as a consumer than handing your credit card to a stranger at a bookstore making minimum wage to ring it up.
  31. E-books are damn near invisible. They take up so little physical space that you’ll never need to consider – do I have enough room for it? You have! You’ll also never likely visibly SEE a physical ebook in your entire life. What you see in your reader is an interpretation of the physical product that makes a lot more sense to us than would hundreds of thousands of + and – !
  32. You can’t hit your dog with an E-book or throw an e-book at it.
  33. E-books don’t collect dust.
  34. E-books are more current. Changes can be made and go live within minutes. With paperback books? MONTHS!
  35. E-books are constantly changing. There will be many new developments in the e-book realm over the next couple years. Paperbacks are dead.
  36. E-books are instant gifts.
  37. E-books are inspirational. They are so easy to create they might inspire you to become an author.
  38. E-books are convenient; they go where you go on a memory stick or even through the cloud via email.”
Disadvantages of EBooks will be covered in the next blog.. Stay tuned!
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