Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Smashwords or not?

Smashwords or not?
The Pros of the website are:
·    Free
·    Issue ISBN and tracking
·    Easy to get single author on it
·    All you need is Microsoft words format document, no programming skill is needed
·    Barnes & Noble requires you to have a U.S bank account in order to collect royalties but Smashwords – allows paypal, anytime, anywhere you can be paid.

The Cons for the website are:
·    Limited size of books
·    Tedious formatting involved
·    Automated formatter = dull and boring
·    Limited market outlets.
·    Need to know photoshop or at least to know how to increase your coverpage to 1400px in width.
·    Once you choose to upload EPub format, it cannot auto convert to other formats (all other formats is disabled)
·    No DRM for books in smashwords
·    You must indicate under copyright page “smashwords edition”
So, smashwords or not? It’s up to you!~ else you could always contact us at diong@adalsebook.com or marketing@adalsebook.com
We provide all EBook conversion @ $0.60 per page, with ISBN, coverpage design and more. 
For all book other book reviews, please visit our website @ http://www.adalsebook.com 
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