Monday, May 20, 2013

Woof - Dakota Douglas


By Dakota Douglas

“Woof” – a magical and fun-filled adventure of a boy, Jeremy and his endearing dog, Rufus. Jeremy was a lonely boy. Both of his parents worked late every day and never had time for him. Only to make thing worse, no children will let him join in their games in school. His only friend was a stray dog that he met in the back alley. One day, the strangest thing happened! Rufus, the dog came along and put his paws on Jeremy’s shoulders, and….

And, and they switched bodies!!! Now, with a boy trapped in a dog body, and a dog trapped in a boy’s body, what kind of “trouble” will they get into? Two stories in one book – how Rufus and Jeremy met each other and the adventures they encountered.

This magical book is suitable for children of all ages. It would make a good bed time story. The author, Dakota Dougla is gifted in writing children stories and pulling you into her imagination. Make sure you buy one for your little ones! It is a story that the kids do not mind reading it over and over again.  I give this story a 5 stars rating.

The plot, the story is just what you will love. Buy it, read it, you would not regret it.

And Yes, I agree with the author, a dog is always a man’s best friend.
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