Saturday, May 4, 2013

For Women Only - By Shaunti Feldhahn

For Women Only

By Shaunti Feldhahn

“For Women Only” – is a magical key that unlocks the most sought-after, mystical mind of men.

Just like the phase “men are from mars, Women are from venus”, men and women are made differently regardless psychologically or physically. We cannot expect both genders to act and think similarly.

From what I gather from this book,

-       Men view respect as important as affection or maybe even more

-       Men would feel insecure too.

-       Men pride themselves as providers and often feel obligated to provide for the family.

-       Men are sexual creatures. 

-       Men avoid issue by checking out.

-       Men, the visual creatures

-       Men are romantic too

-       Men care about your appearance as much as you do

Is there a six-stars rating?! Beyond interesting, “For Women Only” is inspiring, gives revelation like no other book. “This book allows me to put guys in a new light, understanding their thoughts life and behaviors better. Therefore it acts as a stimulant to improve relationships and restores marriages.”

“For Women Only” is a book that I could finish in less than 4 hours after I bought it. It is a book that after I finished, I would still buy it a second time if I ever lost it, a book that adds value. It is a biblical book that presents the simple yet life-changing truth alongside with many humorous examples in a light-hearted way.

*Highly recommended to every married woman, or any spouse who seeks to understand their man better.

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