Thursday, October 30, 2014

ATOM AND EVE - Jeff Yager

ATOM AND EVE - Jeff Yager 

A review that flows from the pen of a Biomedical Science Student:

No bacteria or virus can claim more credit for worldwide pandemic than Influenza Flu Virus (SARS, H5N3)..

Atom and Eve spoke of this flu pandemic that could very much happen, similar to the recent Ebola scare. The fear described in the book when you watched close friends and people around you dying yet you were totally helpless reflected much of how we felt in the recent Ebola scare. 

It had been a while since I last wrote a book review. I finished this book within three and half hours. Truly thrilling and exciting, once I started reading I never want to put my kindle down. However, I must truly comment on how much I hate the suspense created in the beginning of the book where the story was written in four separate theme before attempting to join the whole story up. 

Have you read any good book lately? “ATOM AND EVE” promise to give you at least 4 hours of the adrenaline rush to keep your mind entertained for the rest of the day!~ 
 - Genevieve D

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